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DSR-Icon-BIGIn our experience delivering document creation solutions to Avopress Brand Server customers, we’ve worked alongside several branding and graphic design professionals who work with their clients to craft an individual look and feel for their presentations that accurately reflect the image and brand of the company, helping them present their information and communicate their ideas in their own unique “visual voice”.

Until now, serious document and presentation designers had to rely on all manner of hacks, workarounds and manual coding to get the output they really wanted from Microsoft Office templates and themes. For them, and for anyone who wants to create well-designed, branded presentations, we’ve created Avopress Designer, a first of it’s kind design tool, specifically tailored for creating document and presentation templates taking full advantage to the display capabilities of Microsoft Office.

Most presentation experts will tell you about the importance of using diagrams in your PowerPoint slides. Before, limited control over the built-in display formats was a limitation that designers had to work-around. Now, Avopress Designer allows users to customize each built-in Shape and SmartArt format with precise control over each design element.

Custom PowerPoint SmartArt

Custom SmartArt and Shape Styles


Another area where designers and users have long struggled is custom table formats for slides. Some even resort to the difficult and time-consuming task of hacking and hand-coding XML. Now, you can create PowerPoint Templates with reusable native formats that you can apply to any table on the fly, even tables linked to Excel spreadsheets with Avopress Connector.


Custom Table Formats


These are just two of the big features in Avopress Designer 1.0. There is also great functionality for working with fonts, colors, background images, bullets, text effects… everything you need to create stunningly beautiful and captivating presentations.

This is an exciting time for Avopress, and for the professional presentation community as a whole. The addition of Avopress Designer to our line of software tools completes our vision for an end-to-end solution where organizations can design, build and deploy everything they need to ensure brand compliance and consitency, and enable true Rapid Document Creation.

Avopress Designer will be available for download and purchase on Wednesday November 14. Keep an eye out for more news here on Proper Formatting, and follow Avopress on Twitter and Google+

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